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Lovecraftian MC's


From their dingy clubhouse on Water Street, in the heart of Innsmouth, ride the Sons of Dagon. From beneath rusting helmets peer bulging eyes, and the scent of the sea clings to them even over the  scent of oil and exhaust.

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Rumbling along the haunted highways of New England is the Great Old Ones LC, a motorcycle club that bows to no man, but unnameable terrors? Perhaps. The Arkham Chapter is premier among this fearsome lot.

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Led by their mysterious yellow robed leader, the Yellow Kings cruise the desolate back roads. What it is they seek isn't clear, but it's best to give them a wide berth.

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Riding shambling, pieced together machines as misshapen as their own malformed bodies, the Horrors have roared out of Dunwhich and quickly become one of the most feared chapters on the road.

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When the Nightgaunts show up, no one knows from whence they came. Their vests say 'Kadath,' but no one knows where that is. Or why when they ride the faint sound of ethereal wings flapping is always heard.

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